On the pulpit of self-loathing, the beard gets shaved
Not like Lindsay but also like Lindsay
You Don’t Mess with the Lohan (not one of the Sandman’s best)
The Gen ZeZe version, raised on Kodak Black and celebrating,
settling out of court for some questionable behaviour with women,
as long as the beats are…

The sky was brightening as a phone does in dark rooms.

The leaves left crumbs on the grounds, an impression of a lost struggle while fumbling for a midnight snack.

The mimicry of the carport’s European arches felt out of place in this reclusive hideaway.

And just as effortlessly as…

i know feet
i knew feet
not like the trademark, fetish of Tarantino
not the requesting pics of it online in some perverse chatroom
but the selling of shoes for years at a retailer
it’s making shoe contact, judging said person on their footwear of choice
(Superstars, Chucks, and everything else basic),
before you even make eye…

Image by 955169 from Pixabay

My grandpa first discovered the shower by mistake

On his solo journey to Canada

He found himself in a hotel room

A layover in Hong Kong

He sat in the bath, scrubbing away the village scorn

When he reached for the knob and held it

Ever so gently, ever so long

As if unsure this was a past he wanted to move on from

The water rained down on him

And then poured as he pushed the tap to its limit

He allowed himself a little smile,

The smile allowed him to stand

Bumping his head with the shower’s

But that rush only made the rhythm flow more lyrically

Soon he was dancing

Kicking water up over the edge

To be cleaned later he thought,

Because his mother was no longer outside, yelling

“Sadhu, hurry up.”

Image by Dynamic Wang from Unsplash

“If I cut you, what would you bleed?”
“Is it not enough that I wear my heart on my sleeve?”

There’s nothing quite like the first time
The sex too of course, but more prematurely, the first night talking
Preferably in person but in reality, online
Staying up all night, cryonically wanting to…

Jivan Shokar

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